Greetings from the Motherland!

Fudien comes bearing soul comforting, tantalising, heart-warming, and mouth-watering African food.

Our aim is for you to NEVER go hungry, whether it is having enough food to stock up your fridge or freezer for the week, or simply craving a good meal from the Motherland. We got you covered! We have put together menus to suit your needs. Our Family size menu has been put together with families and hard-working individuals in mind.

Those that don’t want to sacrifice a good meal but don’t have enough time to prepare their favorite dishes. Also, let’s be totally honest, wouldn’t it be better if there was someone out there that was saving you precious time by going to the market and cooking you fresh meals? There you go, I thought as much!

That’s exactly why we are here!

Place your orders between Sunday and Wednesday to get your orders delivered on Saturday, ready for the week. To avoid filling your homes with big containers, our bulk orders are delivered in BPA-Free vacuumed bags. These also provide long lasting freshness to your meals, should you choose to store it in the freezer and consume it at a later date.

We are super excited to serve you, and to have you join our #FudienTribe!


Your new extended family